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Victoria Secret opts for 3D virtual fitting technology for bra


Victoria’s Secret & Co. has partnered with NetVirta to introduce new bra fit technology Verifyt® within the retailer’s app for Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret Pink bras.

The retailer will use this 3D scanning technology to provide shoppers with personalised bra size recommendations and to simplify the process of finding the right-sized bra.

Victoria’s Secret says it already has about 23,000 associates trained to conduct bra fittings in stores, but the integration of fit technology is part of the company’s effort to streamline the bra fitting process, reduce returns and improve the overall shopper experience.

“We have always dedicated ourselves to providing an exceptional customer experience, and our measuring and fit capabilities set us apart in the industry,” commented Christine Rupp, Chief Customer Officer for Victoria’s Secret, adding, “We are thrilled to offer this new technology to our customers to give them even more confidence when buying their favourite Victoria’s Secret and Pink bras.”

With this technology, customers online can easily select the best size and fit, reducing the need for returns and improving the overall customer experience.

“Finding the correct bra fit is a challenge for most women, and the challenge is magnified for those looking to shop online,” said Julia Barry, Director of Marketing at NetVirta, adding, “Together with Victoria’s Secret, we will solve for one of the hardest-to-fit product categories in apparel retail.”

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