Torchsec is a blog maintained by a number of like-minded individuals who are all concerned with the issues surrounding online privacy, and what they call “ethical hacking”.


The team at Torchsec.org has a wide range of interests within the cyber security world, which is excellent news for its readers, who can find comprehensive information on a range of topics, including:• Computer security
• Cracking
• Botnets
• Brute-forcing
• Countermeasures
• Cybercrime
• Data security
• Exploits
• Pentest Tools
Articles are well-written and delivered in a simple way so as not to confuse newcomers, but it would be far to say that the content is detailed enough that it will be of interest to individuals at all levels of the spectrum, and whatever their particular interests in internet security might be.
Torchsec has a popular newsletter, with more than 7,000 readers. It’s free to subscribe to and delivers all the latest news and articles direct to your inbox.The website is also home to an extensive archive of informative articles dating back 7 years, as well as an excellent exploit links database and a number of other useful cyber security tools.Create a new account and become eligible to post new topics in the forums or write new posts in each categories of the website , to do that you just need to register a new account then submit your content through the websites topics form after that your post will be edited so it fills in with the same format of others posts submitted by our writers ,If you need help or want to make any changes after submitting, feel free to edit it from the main menu page . Your posts should be with interest in the main subject of the site .
Torchsec is an excellent website for people who are interested in the hacking and security side of the cyber safety world. The website is a goldmine of information on everything from password cracking to phishing prevention. Best of all, it’s written by people who are immersed in the scene themselves, and who are passionate about providing the best information out there completely free of charge. The website looks good and works intuitively too.

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