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This Simple iPhone Hack Can Save Your Life In Case Of An Emergency

This simple iPhone feature can save your life in emergency situations

Sometimes you do not notice the simple things that are available on your smartphones. Either because they pass under your eyes to often and to quickly or because you dont give your second thoughts to  them. Similarly, you may have had your iPhone with you for ages but you may not know that a simple hack on your iPhone may actually save your life in an emergency situation.

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This super easy iPhone feature was shared by an emergency room worker Katherine Jarmy. The feature can help doctors save your life in a life threatening situation. It’s called a Medical ID and it can be accessed through the “Emergency” option on your phone’s keypad, even when your phone is locked with a passcode.

Medical ID is a default feature in every version of iPhone and lets you can add your name, a photo, emergency contacts from your phone, your blood type, medications, allergies, health problems, height, and weight. This info could help emergency workers make some important decisions in the event that you are involved in an accident and aren’t able to tell them your medical information.

FUN FACT! Working in the ER we've had many patients come in and have had no way of knowing who they were or how to...

Posté par Katherine Jarmy sur mardi 8 septembre 2015

You can link your ID through the Health App which you may have thought as an unwanted App. Just go to Health, click the “Medical ID” icon in the bottom right corner, then click “Edit” to fill out the profile. It only takes a second and it could literally be a life-saver.

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This feature is which is so easily missable could help save the life of your near and dear ones also. If you old parents or relatives have an iPhone, enable this feature with the details filled in so that they can be helped in emergency situations.

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