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Start-Up Promises Smartphone Charging in 30 Seconds

StoreDot unveiled the device Monday at Microsoft's Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv. The prototype charger is capable to charge your Smartphone 100% within few blinks of your eyes, all in about 30 seconds. It depends on bio-organic quantum dots that are nano in size, tiny conductive crystals that help enable nimble charging.
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StoreDot is a Nanotechnology Research Company and came across the technology while creating biological semiconductors that can, among other things, store a charge, emit visible light and be used to produce high-capacity, or quick-charging, batteries.
In the present, the size of the prototype charger is same as of a laptop charger, but the company says it working on reducing its size.
This charger prototype has been developed for Samsung’s Galaxy 4 and company says it has plans to make chargers for other Smartphones as well. The Wall Street Journal reports the company hopes to begin production in "late 2016."
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For the moment, the estimated cost is up to $30, as the company has not revealed its actual cost; just provide a rough idea that it will be double the cost of a normal charger.

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