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RSPET — Reverse Shell Post Exploitation Tool

RSPET (Reverse Shell Post Exploitation Tool) is a Python based reverse shell equipped with functionalities that assist in a post exploitation scenario.


  • Remote Command Execution
  • Trafic masking (XORed insted of cleartext); for better results use port 443
  • Built-in File/Binary transfer (both ways) over the masked trafic
  • Built-in UDP Flooding tool
  • Multiple/All Hosts management; order File/Binary transfer and UDP Flood from Multiple/All connected Hosts
  • Modular Code Design to allow easy customization
  • Client script is tested and is compatible with PyInstaller (can be made into .exe)




  • or is situated at the attacker’s machine and running to accept connections
  • or is situated in the infected machine(s) and will initiate the connection and wait for input.

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  • Server:
python (max_connections)

max_connections defaults to 5 if left blank

  • Client:
python server_ip


Many changes can be made to fit individual needs.


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