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Multi protocol Test Suite

MTS (Multi-protocol Test Suite) is a multi-protocol testing tool specially designed for telecom IP-based architectures.

With MTS (Multi-protocol Test Suite) you get the powerful tool to:

  • Test protocols with functional and regression tests
  • Test load endurance and stress tests
  • Simulate all network equipments as client, server or both sides
  • Supervision and monitoring on production equipment (capture mode)

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MTS is an Internet Protocol (IP) multi-protocol tester at layer 3, specially designed for the IMS architecture. MTS supports EPC protocols for 4G, theapplication protocols used for Email, SMS, IPTV, signaling and alarms and the 4 main transport protocols.



Testing a system has never been so easy thanks to the power of MTS :

  • Monitoring with rich statistics presentation
  • High level simulations scenarii (loops, branch, variables) with a friendly langage
  • Friendly GUI (for test writing and tuning) and command-line (for load or automatic testing)
  • Comprehensive test results

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MTS can act as a simulator (send and receive messages) for test-bed network hosts or as a network analyzer (capture messages) for network monitoring on production platforms.

MTS is an Open Source software product with a GPLV3 license  entirely written in java and so you can run it on Windows and Linux platforms.



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