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FBI’s Trick of Hacking iPhone May Leak Soon

The method used by the FBI for unlocking the iPhone 5C of a suspected San Bernardino shooter won’t remain a mystery, according to senior Apple engineers and other experts.

The method when leaked would help Apple to upgrade the encryption flaw in iOS devices and may give a boost to the Apple’s security. Then iPhone users will not have to worry about their devices and it will make their iPhones less vulnerable to the hackers.

Once Apple resolves the flaw, it is believed that Apple will announce it to its users and then broaden the unusual public battle over security holes.

Last week, FBI successfully unlocked the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter and decided to close the case against Apple. FBI claimed that unknown group helped them to unlock the iPhone of the shooter.

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“If the government pursues a similar case seeking Apple’s help in New York, the court could make the FBI disclose its new trick” quotes Reuters.

Independent forensics expert, Jonathan Zdziarski has reportedly helped police to break into many devices, he said “The FBI would need to resign itself to the fact that such an exploit would only be viable for a few months, if released to other departments. It would be a temporary Vegas jackpot that would quickly get squandered on the case backlog.”

White House’s one policy, that pitches towards revelation to manufacturers, if still FBI won’t make revelation to Apple, there are other ways by which it can be leaked or may be useless over a certain period of time says Zdziarski and senior Apple engineers wishing not be named.

It is believed that FBI may use the same method on devices in cases where the criminals are still alive.

Senior Apple Engineer said “Flaws of this nature have a pretty short life cycle, “Most of these things do come to light.”

As discussed above, FBI may never disclose this method publicly or to the Apple, however it may render useless, if Apple upgrades the encryption on its iPhone or when this method will come to light.

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