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UK Government will spend £1.9bn on Cyber Security

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Despite spending around 1 billion pounds on its cyber security capabilities the UK government and GCHQ still feel vulnerable from hacking attacks. Alex Dewedney, the director of cyber security at CESG (Communications-Electronics Security Group) admitted they have yet to get the cyber security threat under control.

In RSO conference held in San Francisco Alex Dewedney said; "I think the best way to sum up the challenge we face is that while we’ve done a lot over the past five years and spent quite a lot of money as a Government, particularly in those years of austerity we’ve been through, the bottom line is it hasn’t worked." He added, “I think we would be losing a lot more if we hadn’t done all the things we’ve done over the past five years."
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The UK government is planning to double its spendings on Cyber Security in next four years. The net spending is expected to reach £3.2bn until 2020. Cyber Security is already the fastest growing industry around the world and these numbers have backed the forecasts about the growth of industry.
The UK spy agency GCHQ may follow the footsteps of US department of defence (DoD) and may announce a bug bounty program this year. Remember the bug bounty programs has been a huge success for private companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google etc., in sorting out their security problems.
Last year more than 90% of the UK organizations has reported security breaches; according to the 2015 Information security breaches survey. Which has been the reason behind the rise of sudden demand of professional cyber security experts in the UK. This has opened up many opportunities for IT professionals to jump towards professional cyber security expert career.

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