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Remote DLL Injector v2.0 – Command-line Tool to Inject DLL into Remote Process


Remote DLL Injector is the free command-line tool to Inject DLL into remote process. Currently it supports DLL injection using the CreateRemoteThread technique.
Being a command-line tool makes it easy to integrate into your automation scripts. Also useful when you are remotely operating on the system especially during Pen Testing situations.
One of the unique feature of Remote DLL Injector is its ability Inject DLL into ASLR enabled processes. It dynamically calculates DLL and function offsets within target process before the injection operation.


It is fully portable & includes both 32-bit & 64-bit versions. It has been successfully tested on all platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.
How to use?
Remote DLL Injector is a command-line based tool. Hence it must be launched from cmd prompt as shown below.
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Note that it includes 32-bit & 64-bit version. For Injecting DLL into 32-bit Process (on 32-bit or 64-bit platform) use RemoteDLLInjector32.exe and for 64-bit Process use RemoteDLLInjector64.exe
Here are the simple usage information,
   RemoteDLLInjector.exe  <pid>  <dll_file_path>       
        -h                This help screen
        <pid>             Process ID of remote process to Inject DLL
        <dll_file_path>   Full path of DLL to be injected

Examples of RemoteDLLInjector

//Show the help screen
RemoteDLLInjector.exe -h
//Inject DLL into 32-bit process with pid 1551
RemoteDLLInjector32.exe 1551 "c:\my project\inject32.dll"
//Inject DLL into 64-bit process with pid 1001
RemoteDLLInjector64.exe 1001 "c:\inject64.dll"


Download Remote DLL Injector

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