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Microbe – simplified pentesting tool for Chrome users

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Microbe is a Google Chrome extension created by Cosmin Gheorghita, 19 years old romanian developer. Extension has been developed for Web penetration testers, although some of its components can be individual applications themselves, like the cookie manager, form handler or Krypton.

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Since one of the most influential and destructive attack methods on the Web is SQL injection, Microbe has been designed to help you perform those kind of attacks more easily by using shortcodes, but this doesn’t make Microbe an exclusive SQL injection tool. It servers multiple purposes such as:

  • Current Request
  • HTTP Headers
  • Cookie Manager
  • Form Handler
  • Krypton
  • Proxy Manager
  • Overrides and Disablers
  • Filter Evasion & Prepared Statements

Installation and Accessibility

Microbe can be found on the official Google Web Store: and you can read more about it on the official website.

After you’ve pressed the install button and you’ve given it access to the stuff it needs in order to function, right click on a Web page and select “Inspect Element”. On the right, in DevTools’ navigator, you’ll find a newly installed link that says “Microbe”, click on it and you’re there.

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Unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow its extension developers to open a DevTools page from a custom button, for security reasons, so that’s why you must get to Microbe via “Inspect Element”. Or you can press F12 on a PC (CMD + ALT + I on a Mac) to open it up by its shortcut.

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