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Global Ddos Attacks Increase By 90 Percent In 2014

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Security reports from Akamai Technologies’ Q4 2014 State of the Internet states that the number of Ddos ( distributed denial-of-service ) attacks were doubled since 2013

According to the reports(PDF) showed Ddos attacks has increased by 90 percent from 2013, and increased by 57 percent compared to last quarter (1/4). There was also a 52 percent increase in average peak bandwidth of DDoS attacks compared to Q4 2013.

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The reports shows that the SSDP flood attacks were increased by 214 percent from the last quarter(1/4), in one campaign creating 106Gbps of malicious traffic.

Akamai said the United States and China continued as the lead source countries for DDoS traffic, with the US considering for 31.54 percent of attacks, and China for 17.61 percent. This is a change from the last quarter, where Russia, Brazil, and India dominated as the source countries for DDoS attacks.

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Akamai said that the gaming remained the most target in industry since (2/4) 2014, and experienced a 2 percent increase this quarter(1/4). In Q4, attacks were fueled by malicious actors seeking to gain media attention or notoriety from peer groups, cause disruptions in gaming services and damage reputations. Few of the largest console gaming networks were extensively attacked in December 2014 where more players were affected.
“An incredible number of DDoS attacks occurred in the fourth quarter, almost double what we observed in Q4 a year ago,” said John Summers, vice president, Akamai cloud security business unit.

“Denial of service is a common and active threat to a wide range of enterprises. The DDoS attack traffic was not limited to a single industry, such as online entertainment that made headlines in December. Instead, attacks were spread among a wide variety of industries.”

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