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Cops Try to Hack Lawyer in Whistle-Blower Suit
North Little Rock, Arkansas – When attorney Matt Campbell received back an external hard drive he supplied to police officials as part of a discovery request in a whistle-blower lawsuit against the Fort Smith Police Department, Campbell was suspicious.

As it turns out, he was right to be.

Cambell’s computer security consultant found three malicious Trojans on the hard drive, including a password logger, a program that connects to attacker-controlled servers and downloads and installs additional programs, and multiple backdoors designed to allow hackers to take control of a computer.

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According to the security consultant, it’s highly unlikely that the malicious code was included on the hard drive by accident given the location of the viruses on the drive and the fact that the police department is equipped with anti-virus software that could detect the code.

The security consultant wrote in an affidavit that “…the placement of these trojans, all in the same sub-folder and not in the root directory, means that [t]he trojans were not already on the external hard drive that was sent to Mr. Campbell, and were more likely placed in that folder intentionally with the goal of taking command of Mr. Campbell’s computer while also stealing passwords to his accounts.”

The attorney asked the judge to hold the plaintiffs in contempt and impose sanctions.

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