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Whitewidow — Automated SQL Vulnerability Scanner

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Whitewidow is an open source automated SQL vulnerability scanner, that is capable of running through a file list, or can scrape Google for potential vulnerable websites. It allows automatic file formatting, random user agents, IP addresses, server information, multiple SQL injection syntax, and a fun environment. This program was created for learning purposes, and is intended to teach users what vulnerability looks like. whitewidow is an open source project, and is completely free.



gem 'mechanize'

gem 'nokogiri', '~>'

gem 'rest-client'

gem 'colored'

To install all gem dependencies, follow the following template:

cd whitewidow

bundle install

This should install all gems needed, and will allow you to run the program without trouble.

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Automated SQL Vulnerability Scanner

ruby whitewidow.rb -h Will print the help page

ruby whitewidow.rb -e Will print the examples page

ruby whitewidow.rb -f <path/to/file> Will run Whitewidow through a file, you will not need to provide whitewidow the full path to the file, just provide it the paths within the whitewidow directory itself. Also you will not need a beginning slash, example:

- whitewidow.rb -f tmp/sites.txt #<= CORRECT
- whitewidow.rb -f /home/users/me/whitewidow-1.0.6/tmp/sites.txt #<= INCORRECT

ruby whitewidow.rb -d Will run whitewidow in default mode and scrape Google using the search queries in the lib directory


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