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Published on February 2nd, 2016 📆 | 4675 Views ⚑


WAF-FLE – Graphical ModSecurity Console Dashboard
WAF-FLE (Web Application Firewall: Fast Log and Event Console) is a OpenSourceModSecurity Console – which allows the modsecurity admin to store, view and search events sent by sensors.

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It uses a graphical dashboard to drill-down and find quickly the most relevant events. It is designed to be fast and flexible, while keeping a powerful and easy to use filter, with almost all fields clickable to use on filter.


  • Central event console
  • Support Modsecurity in “traditional” and “Anomaly Scoring”
  • Brings mlog2waffle as a replacement to mlogc
  • Receive events using mlog2waffle or mlogc
    • mlog2waffle: in real-time, following log tail, or batch scheduled in crontab
    • mlogc: in real-time, piped with ModSecurity log, in batch scheduled in crontab
  • No sensor limit
  • Drill down of events with filter
  • Dashboard with recent events information
  • Almost every event data and charts are “clickable” deepening the drill down filter
  • Inverted filter (to filter for “all but this item”)
  • Filter for network (in CIDR format, x.x.x.x/22)
  • Original format (Raw) to event download
  • Use Mysql as database
  • Wizard to help configure log feed between ModSecurity sensors and WAF-FLE
  • Open Source released under GPL v2


  • Apache 2.x server with modrewrite
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • PHP PDO Mysql extension
  • PHP GeoIP extension
  • MySQL 5.1 or later


Consider installing APC or APCu (php cache) to improve WAF-FLE performance.

You can download WAF-FLE here:

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Or read more here.

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