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twtxt — Decentralised Microblogging Service

twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.

You want to get some thoughts out on the internet in a convenient and slick way while also following the gibberish of others? Instead of signing up at a closed and/or regulated microblogging platform, getting your status updates out with twtxt is as easy as putting them in a publicly accessible text file. The URL pointing to this file is your identity, your account. twtxt then tracks these text files, like a feedreader, and builds your unique timeline out of them, depending on which files you track. The format is simple, human readable, and integrates well with UNIX command line utilities.

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  • A beautiful command-line interface thanks to click.
  • Asynchronous HTTP requests thanks to asyncio/aiohttp and Python 3.
  • Integrates well with existing tools (scp, cut, echo, date, etc.) and your shell.
  • Don’t like the official client? Tweet using echo -e "`date -Im`\tHello world!" >> twtxt.txt!




The following section describes how to install twtxt on your machine. Currently twtxt supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux via pip.


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Release version

Install twtxt using pip:

$ pip3 install twtxt


Instead of installing the package globally (as root), you may want to install this package locally by passing –user to pip, make sure that you append~/.local/bin/ to your $PATH. Using pyvenv and running twtxt from within a virtualenv is also an option!



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