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Published on July 16th, 2012 📆 | 3508 Views ⚑


The 2012 Web Application Scanner Benchmark has been Published!
Feeling your morning boredom reach its peak? need some juicy stuff to spice things up?

Will a contest suffice?

How would you like to see a comparison that covers the vast majority of aspects of numerous web application scanners, and furthermore, even contains a price vs. feature comparison for all the products?

Well, it might just be your lucky day, since the 2012 benchmark was just published, and currently covers the following subjects:

路 Price & Feature Comparison (New!)
路 Scanner Versatility Score (New!)n
路 Path Traversal/LFI Detection Accuracy (New! - 824 test cases!)m
路 Remote File Inclusion Detection Accuracy (New! - 114 test cases!)
路 SQL Injection Detection Accuracy - Updated
路 Cross Site Scripting Detection Accuracy - Updated
路 Audit Feature Comparison - Updated
路 WIVET score for scanners with crawling features (New!)
路 Scanner Adapatability, Authentication, and a variaty of other comparisons
路 New Products!
路 A step by step guide for how to select the best scanner for each task.

The benchmark can be accessed through the following address:

The benchmark statistics can be viewed in greater detail in sectoolmarket:

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