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Study Finds That Most Americans Resort To Risky Behaviors To Remember Passwords

Study Finds That Most Americans Resort To Risky Behaviors To Remember Passwords.

According to a recent study, usually, password management is fetching so frustrating that 35 percent of Americans write down their passwords only for just to help keep in mind them.

  • We need to keep strongest passwords and change it time by time. 
  • Also do enable two-factor authentication on any website or web-based application.
Researchers at SecureAuth doubted that 1,022 individuals as well as discovered that 74 percent of respondents rely on means comparatively other than memorization to manage online passwords.
When asked them that what they believe which is the most irritating about the online passwords as well as 29 percent of respondents said “keeping up with different password requirements across accounts” and also 18 percent said that “meeting complex password requirements.”
As well as 15 percent of the respondents come to another subject in which there is a requirement of changing a password continuously.  Even 12 percent were irritated by "getting locked out for too many incorrect attempts."
Cooperated with weak credentials are the main reason behind the recent attacks as well as there is a need of underscore for stronger password management.
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Whereas Keith Graham who is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SecureAuth told to the SCMagazinethrough an emailed comments that users can take some steps to make stronger password protection as well as decrease their irritation.
And also, he said, “Use a common saying, movie quote or song lyric while adding a few capital letters and numbers to create a password that is easier to recall.”
He also suggested the set up of users password managers for the difficult passwords users as well as it does not reclaim the passwords all around the multiple sites.

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