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Published on March 1st, 2016 📆 | 2531 Views ⚑


SFTPfuzzer – Simple FTP Fuzzer
SFTPfuzzer (Simple FTP Fuzzer) is a very simple software written in Python 2.7 (by 0x8b30cc), that allows you to easily fuzz username and password field in an FTP Server, looking for a buffer overflow vulnerability.

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SFTPfuzzer is written in a very simple way, and the code is well commented, allowing you to easily understand what is going on and easily edit the software. The code is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL v3), if you want to know more read here.

You can use in two ways, manual mode and arguments mode.

If you want to manually add target ip address (RHOST) and target port (RPORT), you just need to run:

$ python

If you want to add command line arguments, then the usage will be like this:

$ python -t <rhost> -p <rport>

For example:

$ python -t -p 21

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Download SFTPfuzzer

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