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Search Google without being tracked on Mozilla Firefox with Abine Private Search Tool

Most of us know that Google Search tracks what we search for different reasons like advertising etc. Most of the private souls would prefer a private and trackless search while searching their keywords on Google Search. Abine, a online privacy company today announced launch of its new Private Search anti-tracking tool for those who want to use Google Search in Firefox without being tracked by Google.

Using the Data Privacy Day 2015 today as a occasion for the launch of the privacy tool, Abine said that as of now the tool works with Google Search and other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing will be added to the service soon.

Abine which is already known for its award-winning online privacy suite Blur has integrated the Private Search option in it.  Blur which was formerly called DoNotTrackMe allows Firefox users to toggle on/off Google tracking for search and gives users the leverage to be visible to Google or not.

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Blur is available for all the major browsers but the Google Private Search is available only for Mozilla Firefox as a add-on. To use Blur with the Google Private Search, you are required to sign on for Abine Blur.  Blur settings give you options to switch other Blur features off and use only Private Search tool.

Do remember that Blur along with the integrated Private Search tool may keep your private and anonymous to Google but it also means that Google cant serve you tailored search results based on your browsing history.  Not that this is a great impediment in surfing or searching but sifting through tonnes of untailored search results may be a irritant to few.

You can download the Blur with Private Search tool for Mozilla Firefox from here.

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