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Plecost – WordPress Fingerprinting Tool
Plecost is a WordPress fingerprinting tool, it can search and retrieve information about the plug-in versions installed in a WordPress installation. It can be used to analyse a single URL or perform an analysis based on the results indexed by Google.

Additionally it also displays the CVE code associated with each plug-in vulnerability, if any exist.

Plecost - WordPress Fingerprinting Tool

What’s New?

This Plecost v1.0.1 (major release) has a lot of new features and fixes, like:

  • Code rewritten in Python 3.
  • Thread support removed, now runs faster & uses less memory with Python 3 asyncio and non-blocking connections.
  • Changed CVE update system and storage: Now Plecost get vulnerabilities directly from NIST and create a local SQLite data base with filtered information for WordPress and their plugins.
  • WordPress Core vulnerabilities: Now Plecost also manage WordPress Core Vulnerabilities (not only for the plug-ins).
  • Add local vulnerability database are queryable. You can consult the vulnerabilities for a concrete WordPress or plug-ins without, using the local database.
  • Installation via pip

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You can download Plecost here:

Or read more here.

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