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Phishing Scam Using Emails – Microsoft

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Emails received by variouse users of Microsoft’s email accounts claiming to be sent from Windows Outlook. It has been titled C-93 Virus Alert and informs the user that a virus has been detected by Microsoft in your mailbox. Also present in that email is the method to eliminate this virus.

The Email sasys : to remove the virus you need to click on a link that will run the Norton anti-virus scan and will remove all traces of Trojan and Viral bugs from your mailbox. If you ignore this message and don’t run the scan, your mailbox will be deactivated,it warns the users.

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However those emails are nothing but Phishing scam. No virus are to be found in ones mailbox and Outlook is not responsible for sending those emails.Sample Email :


The purpose of this email is to steal your login details.Once a user clicks the provided link in the email the user will be redirected to a fake webpage of real Microsoft account page.As soon as one enters the login details(ie.username and password) and login , the original webpage of Microsoft account will appear.
Please note that Microsoft and other email providers will not never ask you to apply any form of security scan to remove a virus, Trojan horse or any other malicious programs. They will remove the threat for you without asking,According to Online Threat Alerts

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