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Open Source Collaboration Server — PEPS
We all use email and online file storage services like Gmail or Dropbox. However, these services may not be suitable for the storage of sensitive data, both personal and professional. Do we trust their privacy policies when attaching an important business contract or confidential information? Do we accept that all our data will be collected, processed, and analyzed?

PEPS is an email, file sharing, and chat platform that uses end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption ensures that encryption and decryption happen on your computer (the client) and not on the server, which never sees confidential data in clear text.


Main Features

  • Clean UX/UI
  • Messages
  • File sharing
  • Newsfeed
  • Client-side encryption
  • New internal message protocol
  • Extensible
  • RESTful APIs
  • Powered by Node.js
  • Data in MongoDB
  • Open Source

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PEPS is an open source email, file sharing and collaboration server that intends to fullfil the need for high-quality on-premises software that could rival with top-notch SaaS products such as Gmail or Dropbox, and innovate with new features.

PEPS is built to be extensible thanks to complete APIs and we aim at creating an ecosystem of compatible apps and services.


System Configuration

PEPS runs by default using HTTPS. The only major pre-requisites are that you should have installed server.crt and server.key in the $(PEPS_ETC) directory (by default /etc/peps) which is shared by several containers. If you want to start quickly with a self-signed certificate, type:

make certificate

before running make run.

Note that the same certificates are used for the HTTPS server and the SMTPS services.



PEPS Configuration

You should now be able to run the PEPS server at https://YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME and connect to it, you then need to:

  1. Set up the ‘admin’ password at first launch and accept the license
  2. Head to the “Users” tab in the topbar
  3. Create users, teams, and go!

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Manuals for both users and admins are available in form of the PEPS wiki:



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