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Published on March 23rd, 2015 📆 | 7490 Views ⚑


NYPD Union website allegedly hacked and brought down by Anonymous hacktivist group

NYPD Captains Endowment Association website allegedly Hacked by Anonymous

The website belonging to New York Police officers known as NYPD Captains Endowment Association was brought down by a cyber attack and the hackers injected it with malware.

The union members said that the cyber attack was allegedly carried out by online hacktivist collective Anonymous.

There are indications the attack on our website was orchestrated by a group identifying themselves as “Anonymous” who have a history of targeting police websites across the country,” wrote the union’s president Roy Richter, in a letter to members.

Richter stated that the captain’s association does not store any personal information about union members on the website, and that no “confidential information has been compromised.”

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The letter also noted that the association was adding new security protections to the website, and that the union considered the attack more an irritation than a threat.

The role of Anonymous in the attack on the NYPD captains union is doubtful because of lack of motive and presence of malware on the website. The hacktivist group attacks only those websites it has announced operations against or those websites, which it believes, are against the tenets of internet privacy and freedom of speech. There appears to be no motive or announcement by Anonymous about this hack attack. Also Anonymous have never been known to inject any websites with malware.

Techworm is trying to get a statement from Anonymous and will keep you updated.

#Update: An Official spokesperson from Anonymous told  that,
“We’re unaware of any current action against the NYPD but any attacks should be expected in response to their systematic targeting and abuse of the very people they’re suppose to protect.”

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