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NSDTool – Netgear Switch Discovery Tool Released

NSDTool  - Netgear Switch Discovery Tool is a toolset of scripts used for discovering of netgear switches in local networks. The tool consists of some extra features like bruteforce and setting a new password. Netgear has its own protocol called NSDP Netgear Switch Discovery Protocol, which is humbly implemented to support security tests on the commandline and not being bound to the delivered tools by Netgear.

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Define your interface and possible delay in the config.ini.

# cat config.ini
SourcePort = 63323 <--- nsdp source
DestPort = 63324 <--- nsdp dest
Interface = eth0 <--- your network interface
DestIP =
Delay = 0.01 <--- interval delay

More Information: here
Download NSDTool

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