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Published on June 10th, 2013 📆 | 1619 Views ⚑


New eLearnSecurity Course – WAPT – Web Application Penetration Testing
eLearnSecurity is coming out with a new course, it’s intended to be a comprehensive training on web application penetration testing with large coverage of the newest attack vectors introduced by HTML5 and other W3C protocols.
Over 40 new labs in the Coliseum cloud based virtual lab are included in the course.


Course Description
The Web Application Penetration testing course (WAPT) is the online, self paced training course that provides all the necessary advanced skills to carry out a thorough and professional penetration test against modern web applications. Thanks to the extensive use of coliseum lab and the coverage of the latest researches in the web application security field, the WAPT course is not only the most practical training course on the subject but also the most up to date. The course, although based on the offensive approach, contains, for each chapter, advices and best practices to solve the security issues detected during the penetration test.
Target Audience & Pre-requisites
The WAPT training course benefits the career of penetration testers and it security personnel in charge of defending their oraganisaion web applications. This course allows organizations of all sizes assess and mitigate the risk at which their web applications are exposed, by building strong, practical inhouse skills. Penetration testing companies can train their teams with a comprehensive and practical training course without having to deploy internal labs that are often outdated and not backed by solid theoretical material.
The student willing to enroll in the course must possess a solid understanding of web applications and web application security models. No programming skills are required, however snippets of Javascript/HTML/PHP code will be used during the course.
eWPT Certification

eWPT Certification

The WAPT course leads to the eWPT certification. The certification can be obtained by successfully completing the requirements of a 100% practical exam consisting in a penetration test of a real world complex web application hosted in our eLearnSecurity Hera labs.
An eWPT voucher is included in all the plans of the WAPT course.
Get More Info
If you want to read more and see the full Syllabus, you can download this:
The course will be launching on April 29th and you can register for the launch webinar here:

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