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Network Tracking Database: Track Your ARP/MAC Table Changes & So Much More

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The Network Tracking Database(NetDB for short) tracks all changes to the MAC address tables on your switches and the ARP tables on your routers that is over time stored in MySQL.

It supports the extensive switch, VLAN and vendor code reports from a CLI or Web App. NetDB can generate CSV reports, track the usage of static IP addresses, record neighbor discovery data and much more.
There is now a VM "appliance" with easier upgrades available in the Files section. NetDB keeps track of devices on your network as well as the status of your switch ports over time. You can map devices to your switch ports, locate ports configured for a VLAN and also recover unused switch ports as well as static addresses.
NetDB has been considered for use by network teams and also security teams, helpdesk and the end users of any medium to large network, finally eliminating the support issues. It has been tested with approximately every Cisco Ethernet switch, is written in Perl and also performs on most Linux and BSD distributions. It is designed for huge campus networks as well as data centers since it should work in any environment.
Latest Techniques In NetDB v1.13.2(released May 2015):
  • Numerous Scraper Updates and Fixes
  • It supports Comware/H3C
  • It also supports Force10
  • It supports Fortigate Firewall
  • It supports Aerohive
  • It also supports Palo Alto
  • Major changes to Last IP behavior to tie switch port entries to ARP entries for more accurate reporting.
  • Track all entries in your MAC and ARP tables across your network routers and switches over time.
  • IP, Hostname and MAC to switch port mapping in milliseconds.
  • Designed for large Ethernet LANs but can be used in smaller environments or service provider environments.
  • Includes easy to use web interface with access control and a command line interface backend for more advanced users and administrators.
  • Enable end users, helpdesk operators and security analysts visibility of network connectivity status and configuration with user access control and auditing.
  • Quickly track down a problem with a device and locate its current state on the network or last connected state.
  • Generate switch usage reports to recover unused ports or plan for network upgrades.
  • Monitor the usage of static IP addresses and generate reports for static address recovery.
  • Locate all switch ports configured for a VLAN and the history of all devices connected.
  • Find all devices on a VLAN and the last time they were online.
  • Web interface includes sortable columns and access controls.
  • Generate CSV reports from the web interface or the command line.
  • Change VLANs from the web interface with access controls on a per switch or per user basis.
  • Send Wake On Lan packets from the Web Interface to remotely wake up workstations.
  • Fast imports, pulls data from 1,000 or more network devices in under five minutes that depends on the hardware used.
  • Support for VRFs, IPv6 and almost every modern Cisco IOS and NX-OS device.
  • Support for port security, port-channels and trunk ports for VMWare and phones.
  • Wi-Fi tracking of clients on access points (Aruba and Cisco WLC).
  • Optional graphing through MRTG to track the usage trends on your network.
  • Optionally integrate NAC registration data to retrieve user registration information based on the mac address.

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  • It runs everything as the netdb user.
  • It uses and/or SSH/Telnet to gather information from your devices and does not require write access.
  • It does not use SNMP, so no security issues or MIBs to deal with.
  • The web Interface has access controls to restrict the information users can access based on their user id.
NetDB is licensed under the GPL

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