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0 – MitM Pentesting Opensource Toolkit

Text to Speech Demo toolkit provides a fast and easy way For new arrivals to IT security pentesting and also to experience users to use allmost all features that the Man-In-The-Middle can provide under local lan, since scanning, sniffing and social engeneering attacks "[spear phishing attacks]"...

"Scanning - Sniffing - Social Engeneering"
Netool: its a toolkit written using 'bash, python, ruby' that allows you to automate frameworks like Nmap, Driftnet, Sslstrip, Metasploit and Ettercap MitM attacks. this toolkit makes it easy tasks such as SNIFFING tcp/udp traffic, Man-In-The-Middle attacks, SSL-sniff, DNS-spoofing, D0S attacks in wan/lan networks, TCP/UDP packet manipulation using etter-filters, and gives you the ability to capture pictures of target webbrowser surfing (driftnet) also uses macchanger to decoy scans changing the mac address.
Rootsector: module allows you to automate some attacks over DNS_SPOOF + MitM (phishing - social engineering) using metasploit, apache2 and ettercap frameworks. like the generation of payloads,shellcode,backdoors delivered using dns_spoof and MitM method to redirect a target to your phishing webpage.
Recently was introduced "inurlbr" webscanner (by cleiton) that allow us to search SQL related bugs, using severeal search engines, also this framework can be used in conjunction with other frameworks like nmap, (using the flag --comand-vul)
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Example: inurlbr.php -q 1,2,10 --dork 'inurl:index.php?id=' --exploit-get ?´0x27 -s report.log --comand-vul 'nmap -Pn -p 1-8080 --script http-enum --open _TARGET_'
Operative Systems Supported
Linux-Ubuntu | Linux-kali | Parrot security OS | blackbox OS Linux-backtrack (un-continued) | Mac osx (un-continued).
zenity | Nmap | Ettercap | Macchanger | Metasploit | Driftnet | Apache2 | sslstrip
curl | libcurl3 | libcurl3-dev | php5 | php5-cli | php5-curl
* Install zenity | Install nmap | Install ettercap | Install macchanger | Install metasploit | Install Apache2 *
Features (modules)
  "1-Show Local Connections"
  "2-Nmap Scanner menu"
        Ping target
        Show my Ip address
        See/change mac address
        change my PC hostname
        Scan Local network 
        Scan external lan for hosts
        Scan a list of targets (list.txt)          
        Scan remote host for vulns          
        Execute Nmap command
        Search for target geolocation
        ping of dead (DoS)
        Norse (cyber attacks map)
        nmap Nse vuln modules
        nmap Nse discovery modules
        <- data-blogger-escaped--="" data-blogger-escaped-addon="" data-blogger-escaped-config="" data-blogger-escaped-etrieve="" data-blogger-escaped-firefox="" data-blogger-escaped-metadata="" data-blogger-escaped-p="" data-blogger-escaped-pen="" data-blogger-escaped-router="" data-blogger-escaped-tracer="" data-blogger-escaped-webcrawler="" data-blogger-escaped-whois="">
        retrieve metadata from target website
        retrieve using a fake user-agent
        retrieve only certain file types
        <- data-blogger-escaped--="" data-blogger-escaped-php="" data-blogger-escaped-webcrawler=""> 
        scanner inurlbr.php -> Advanced search with multiple engines, provided
        analysis enables to exploit GET/POST capturing emails/urls & internal
        custom validation for each target/url found. also the ability to use
        external frameworks in conjuction with the scanner like nmap,sqlmap,etc
        or simple the use of external scripts.
        <- data-blogger-escaped--="" data-blogger-escaped-automated="" data-blogger-escaped-engeneering="" data-blogger-escaped-exploits="" data-blogger-escaped-phishing="" data-blogger-escaped-r00tsect0r="" data-blogger-escaped-social="">
        package.deb backdoor [Binary linux trojan]
        Backdooring EXE Files [Backdooring EXE Files]
        fakeupdate.exe [dns-spoof phishing backdoor]
        meterpreter powershell invocation payload [by ReL1K]
        host a file attack [dns_spoof+mitm-hosted file]
        clone website [dns-spoof phishing keylooger]
        Java.jar phishing [dns-spoof+java.jar+phishing]
        clone website [dns-spoof + java-applet]
        clone website [browser_autopwn phishing Iframe]
        Block network access [dns-spoof]
        Samsung TV DoS [Plasma TV DoS attack]
        RDP DoS attack [Dos attack against target RDP]
        website D0S flood [Dos attack using syn packets]
        firefox_xpi_bootstarpped_addon automated exploit
        PDF backdoor [insert a payload into a PDF file]
        Winrar backdoor (file spoofing)
        VBScript injection [embedded a payload into a world document]
        ".::[ normal payloads ]::."
        windows.exe payload
        mac osx payload
        linux payload
        java signed applet [multi-operative systems]
        android-meterpreter [android smartphone payload]
        webshell.php [webshell.php backdoor]
        generate shellcode [C,Perl,Ruby,Python,exe,war,vbs,Dll,js]
        Session hijacking [cookie hijacking]
        start a lisenner [multi-handler]
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