Featured Metal Surface Enhancement Technology Delivers Substantial Energy Savings

Published on November 22nd, 2022 📆 | 1693 Views ⚑


Metal Surface Enhancement Technology Delivers Substantial Energy Savings


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NUCAP Energy, a division of NUCAP Industries, Inc., has dramatically increased heat transfer efficiency in thermal applications and improved the capacity of thermal energy storage systems with the development of a new engineered surface material. 

NUCAP’s patented GRIPMetal™ technology is created using a non-subtractive manufacturing method that increases the metal surface area without adding weight by forming rows of hooks that adhere to create a strong, secure bond. This unique construction allows manufacturers to produce smaller, lighter products that achieve unparalleled structural and thermal efficiency. When used in composite materials, GRIPMetal™ significantly improves the structural strength and heat transfer effectiveness of the material.

“On average, NUCAP’s heat exchanger surface modification increases heat exchange efficiencies by 40% to 100%,” said John Swift, Vice President of NUCAP Energy. However, a new study by York University in Canada finds that GRIPMetal increases heat transfer efficiency significantly above 100% in some thermal applications.

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The enhanced surface material is suitable for use in virtually any heat exchanger and provides a suitable interface for any combination of gas, liquid, or solid heat transfer media. GRIPMetal™ provides an efficient means to cool and protect batteries, dissipate large thermal energy loads, and improve heat exchange rates between cooling circuits and electronic elements, resulting in longer lifespans and higher computation speeds for electronic devices. 

In regard to GRIPMetal™ material, NUCAP strives to provide technical consultancy and R&D to support businesses in a range of industries that have specific applications in mind. They currently serve the following industries with this revolutionary material technology with the potential to serve many more:

  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • HVAC
  • Power Generation
  • Computing
  • Renewable Energy

NUCAP has a reputation for improving the surfaces of metallic materials through the development of advanced manufacturing technologies with the mission to create a more sustainable and efficient future by supporting innovation across sectors. Working to create stronger, lighter, and smaller components using GRIPMetal™ material, NUCAP works with manufacturers to reduce costs and improve thermal transfer and storage efficiency, transforming whole industries by changing the size, weight, and efficiency of existing products.

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This article was sponsored by NUCAP Energy, a market leader in engineered metal surfaces. Visit their website to learn more about GRIPMetal™ material.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of NUCAP Energy

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