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Maltego: An Open-Source intelligence And Forensics Software

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Maltego: An Open-Source Intelligence And Forensics Software

Definition: Maltego developed by Paterva, which is a program built into Kali Linux. It is a software used for forensics and Open-Source Intelligence.

  • It is used for information gathering and data-mining.
  • It permits creating custom entities, which enable it to represent any information.
  • It can easily analyze real-world relationships between people, groups, websites, domains, networks, internet infrastructure, and affiliations with online services like(Twitter and Facebook).
  • It is a unique platform developed to deliver a clear threat picture to the environment that an organization owns and operates.
What Does Maltego Do?
  • It can be used to determine the relationships and real world links between:                               People, Groups of people (social networks), Companies, Organizations, Websites.
  • It will save you time and will allow you to work more accurately and smarter.
  • The installation is very easy and quick - it uses Java.
  • It can run on OS like(Windows, Mac, and Linux).
  • It provides you with a graphical interface.
  • The graphical user interface (GUI) provides the transparency to see relationships easily - even if they are three or four degrees of separation away.
  • It is unique because it uses a powerful, flexible framework that makes customizing possible.
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Maltego Practical Example
Here we use Maltego to find information about a person, after that, we'll use it for network information, and finally, blog and file information. Here we have used the Community Edition (free) of Maltego.
Fire up Maltego CE v2.0 and click on the Personal/Person icon.
Let’s get oriented. On the left side, we have our searchable options sorted by Infrastructure and Personal.
At the top in the middle, we have our different “views” including Mining, Centrality, and Edge-Weighted.
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Maltego supports 4 types of layout algorithms:

: Block layout. It is the default layout and also used during mining.

: Hierarchical layout. Think of this a tree based layout – like a file manager.

: Centrality layout. Nodes that are most central to the graph (e.g. most incoming links) appear in the middle with the other nodes scattered around it.

: Organic layout. Nodes are packed tight together in such a way that the distance between each node and all the other nodes are minimized.
Here is the Speed/Accuracy versus #Results tab.  This should be fairly self-explanatory. If you slide the bar toward #Results the more results you get. Slide it to the other side, and you get fewer results which will increase the speed of your search but also sacrifice your accuracy.
On the far right is your Satellite View, and detailed transform output:
And finally, at the bottom is our Transform Log/Output:
Here is the video how you can run and install Maltego.
Watch Video:

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