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Lizard Squad strike again, bring down Xbox Live servers with DDoS Attack
The Lizard Squad are back to their favorite haunt for hacking, gaming servers of Xbox Live.  They apparently have targeted the Microsoft’s online gaming service, taking it offline for hours.

The DDoS attack against the Xbox Live servers started approximately two hours ago.  A tweet of Lizard Squad’s new Twitter account @LizardUniverse confirmed the same.

Gamers have also reported that they were experiencing problems loggin on to the servers.  Reports indicate that partial service of Xbox Live are offline in North America since Monday morning, several hours after an outage apparently caused by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.


Anyone else notice how quiet @Xbox & @XboxSupport were when we knocked the networks off earlier for 3 hours?


Lizard Squad who are infamous for their earlier downing of Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) over Christmas, claimed responsibility for the outage, which reportedly began at around 4 a.m. GMT. They carried out the hack with the help of another hacking group called LNO (Like None Other), according to another Lizard Squad tweet. As of 10 a.m. GMT, the status panel for Microsoft’s online gaming platform showed that several services, including social networking services and core services, were still experiencing problems.

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The outage lasted about three hours and is now mostly resolved, according to Down Detector, which collates user reports. While the Microsoft own Xbox Live Status page gives the following report :

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The Lizard Squad have also promised to bring down the PlayStation Networks but as of now they are working alright. However knowing Lizard Squad and their methods, Sony and PSN gamers may have a big threat of downtime looming over.

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