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Litesploit – Library and Intepreter for Penetration Testing Tools

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Litesploit is a library and intepreter for penetration testing tools. This includes exploits, tools and litepreter.

Litesploit support for Linux like ubuntu or debian, and more distro penetration testing like BackBox and Kali Linux.

Platform Support
Linux Ubuntu Yes
Linux Debian Yes
Microsoft Windows No




  • PHP 5 or higher
  • GCC
  • Zephir lang
  • PHP-Dev
  • libpcre3-dev

For Linux Ubuntu and Debian

sudo apt-get install -y gcc make re2c php5-cli php5-dev php5-curl php5-json libpcre3-dev

Install on Ubuntu/Debian

git clone
cd litesploit

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Open litesploit

root@user:~# litesploit
Litesploit >

Load exploits/tools

Litesploit > [exploit file/tools]


Litesploit > exploits/modem/router/zte/f660


Download Litesploit

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