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Linux kernel (OS) powered DDG-1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyer built by US Navy


Now what is linux, it is just an Operating System which is used worldwide. Linux for a common man would mean something used in different devices basically for research purposes in NASA, in particle accelerators, also used by Scientists for their studies eg Antartic. Linux is also a vital tool in automobile industry as in car manufacture and also being used by Engineers to build humanoid robots, by security researcher or hackers. Linux is preferred due to its basic properties of being flexible, reliable system and safe. US Navy is now using the Linux Kernel to built their most powerful DDG-1000 Zumawat Class Destroyer.

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Certain features of Zumwalt : It has an unique structure which matches with the Space ship and due to this shape it would appear as a small fishing vessel on the enemy radar which gives it the stealth capability; however the actual size of this destroyer is equivalent to 3 USS Constitutions. It also has an Integrated Power system which means it can provide electricity to the weapons basically, which might be used for railguns and the free electron lasers. It would hold the capacity of 58 MW of reserve power as per average battle condition. It has total ship computing environment. Easy access to data, this will give an upper hand to sailors as data will be accessible to sailors at any time and anywhere. It also has an  adaptable launcher which would take care of any threat and any missile. Zumwalt carries 16 pre assembled IBM blade servers.

As of now 3 types of these  destroyers has been ordered by US Navy and this seems to be the most expensive project for US Navy this year.

US Navy has actually shown the most innovative way of combining technology with naval security by using an operating system like Linux to create its most expensive and out of the world Naval destroyer DDG-1000 Zumwalt.

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