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iPipeTo — Interactive CLI Workflow
ipt (pronounced iPipeTo) introduces the missing cli interactive workflow. It takes any kind of list as an input and uses that list to build an interactive interface to let you select an element from it. Stop manually dragging your mouse around to copy output data from a terminal, using the ipt workflow you can pipe data from a command and select what to copy to clipboard from a convenient visual menu.  Selected data is also output to stdout allowing for easily composing various workflows – Just create your custom alias!


The default behavior of ipt is to allow for the selection of one item from the interactive list, once selected this item will be output to stdout, you can also use -c option to copy the result to your clipboard.

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Install it easily using npm:

$ npm install -g ipt

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have at least Node.js > 0.12 installed

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  ipt [<path>]

Specify a file <path> or pipe some data from stdin to start interacting.

  -v --version       Displays app version number
  -h --help          Shows this help message
  -d --debug         Prints original node error messages to stderr on errors
  -e --file-encoding Sets a encoding to open <path> file, defaults to utf8
  -m --multiple      Allows the selection of multiple items
  -s --separator     Defines a separator to be used to split input into items
  -c --copy       Do not copy selected item(s) to clipboard


Supported OS Terminals

iPipeTo should run just fine in any of the Inquirer.js supported terminals:

  • Mac OS:
    • iTerm
  • Linux (Ubuntu, openSUSE, Arch Linux, etc):
    • gnome-terminal (Terminal GNOME)
    • konsole
  • Windows*:
    • cmd.exe
    • Powershell
    • Cygwin

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