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Injectory — Command Line Interface DLL Injector


A command-line interface DLL injector is an easy to use application that was designed for injecting/ejecting DLL libraries into running/new processes. Uses LoadLibrary (or alternatively a manual version) and CreateRemoteThread. The utility stops the process during injection

  • Complete control via the command line (Batch scriptable)
  • The target process is suspended during injection
  • Can map a PE file into the remote adress space of a process (without calling LoadLibrary)
  • Output of all error messages
  • Dump modules associated with the specified process id.
  • Inject x86 code into a x86 process (Use x86 loader)
  • Inject x64 code into a x64 process (Use x64 loader)

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usage: injectory TARGET [OPTION]...
inject DLL:s into processes

  injectory --launch a.exe --map b.dll --args "1 2 3"
  injectory --pid 12345 --inject b.dll --wait-for-exit

  -p [ --pid ] PID         find process by id
  -n [ --procname ] NAME   find process by name
  -t [ --wndtitle ] TITLE  find process by window title
  -c [ --wndclass ] CLASS  find process by window class, can be combined with
  -l [ --launch ] EXE      launches the target in a new process
  -a [ --args ] STRING     arguments for --launch:ed process

  -i [ --inject ] DLL...   inject libraries before main
  -I [ --injectw ] DLL...  inject libraries when input idle
  -m [ --map ] DLL...      map file into target before main
  -M [ --mapw ] DLL...     map file into target when input idle
  -e [ --eject ] DLL...    eject libraries before main
  -E [ --ejectw ] DLL...   eject libraries when input idle

  --print-own-pid          print the pid of this process
  --print-pid              print the pid of the target process
  --rethrow                rethrow exceptions
  --vs-debug-workaround    workaround for threads left suspended when debugging
                           with visual studio by resuming all threads for 2
  --dbgpriv                set SeDebugPrivilege
  --wait-for-exit          wait for the target to exit before exiting
  --kill-on-exit           kill the target when exiting

  -v [ --verbose ]
  --version                display version information and exit
  --help                   display help message and exit

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