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How to watch ‘Jury Duty’ with Amazon Freevee


Stream 'Jury Duty' on Amazon's Freevee.

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If you've spent any time on social media in the last few weeks, you may have heard rumblings about a series called "Jury Duty." The show, a mockumentary-style series that puts one real, unsuspecting person, Ronald Gladden, through a simulated version of jury duty populated entirely by actors, has been making waves since its debut, prompting conversations about whether or not Gladden should be considered for an Emmy.

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If you want to check out the series for yourself, you can do so easily (and cheaply) with an Amazon account. We've laid out the various ways you can watch "Jury Duty" today.

How can you watch ‘Jury Duty’?

You can watch "Jury Duty" on Freevee through your account or with your Prime Video subscription. Freevee is Amazon's ad-supported, free streaming service, home to films and series that you can watch with ads, from original programming like "Jury Duty" to "John Wick: Chapter 2." Freevee is available to users in the U.S. or U.S. territories, on Fire TVs, Roku, smart TVs, gaming consoles from Xbox and PlayStation and more.

You don't need Prime Video to watch Freevee, but if you have Prime already you can access Freevee content through the Prime Video app or webpage.

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What is 'Jury Duty' about?

In "Jury Duty," a group of jurors, all but one of whom are actors, come together for jury duty. The twelfth juror, Ronald Gladden, goes into the series unaware that the rest of his fellow jurors are actors—as are the judge, the lawyers, the security guards and every single person associated with the case. The mockumentary-style series takes Gladden through the entirety of the court case, and the increasingly wild antics of his fellow jurors. The series stars James Marsden as a fictionalized version of himself alongside Mekki Leeper, Edy Modica, Ishmel Sahid, David Brown, Cassandra Blair, Maria Russell, Kirk Fox, Susan Berger, Ross Kimbal, Pramode Kumar, Ron Song, Brandon Loeser, Alan Barinholtz, Rashida Olayiwola and more.

How can you sign up for Amazon's Freevee?

Freevee is Amazon's free, ad-supported channel, available to all users with a free-tier Amazon account. The service (formerly IMDb TV) started incorporating original content into its roster last year, and you don't need Prime to start watching. If you already have Prime Video or Amazon Prime, though, you'll have access to Freevee's lineup of series and films already.

You can sign up for Prime Video for $8.99 per month, or sign up for an all-in-one Amazon Prime membership for $14.99 monthly or $139 per year. You can access a 30-day free trial of Prime Video upon signing up. If you want to watch Freevee on your TV or device, there's a standalone app that requires only your Amazon account credentials.

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