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Published on February 24th, 2012 📆 | 6531 Views ⚑


Hardanger – Web Application Penetration Testing Platform
Hardanger is an open source web application penetration testing platform. The project aims to bridge the gap between the current open source web application testing tools commonly used in Linux environments and bring a similar open source state of the art tool to native Microsoft Windows based platforms.Hardanger aims to deliver a user-friendly experience for web application penetration testing by building these tools on top of the excellent Fiddler2 web debugger.

Current Features:
Native Windows feel via Windows Presentation Foundation
Can run as a Fiddler2 add-on or standalone
ClickOnce installer with automatic updates (standalone version)
Context tab allowing inspection of full HTTP requests
Server fuzzer tab to configure and launch the server fuzzer
Basic random fuzzer generates random strings of UTF8 characters of random lengths
Non HTTP 200 detection engine
Results window keeping track of successful detections
Ability to review requests/responses in the results details window


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