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Harbinger Sensor Network Project
Have you ever put a wireless card in monitor mode just to look at the airwaves around you? Did you get a lot of data? The amount of data that traverses the airwaves every day is staggering. From smartphones, laptops, tablets and even the cars we drive, it seems that everything is broadcasting some sort of data. We just need a way to capture all of that data and turn that data into something useful.

The Harbinger Sensor Network Project is a PASSIVE wireless sensor network for detecting devices using 802.11 . HSNP is designed to capture specific bits of data that is broadcast into the air by our internet connected devices for the purpose of analyzing the historical data and producing predictive migratory path algorithms as well as trend analysis and forecasting.

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Any idea what that means ???
We want to see how the devices move through space and time thus providing us the ability to design optimal traffic flows and patterns. Better?

This project is still in its infancy but as development moves forward some key components will be added to the current codebase which is currently just the sensor code.

  • Stage 1: Sensor Development
  • Stage 2: Centralized Data Management
  • Stage 3: Analytics Engine with Visualization Renderings


Getting started

# git
# cd harbinger/
# ./


# git
# cd harbinger/
# airmon-ng start $wlan_interface
# python

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