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Hackito Ergo Sum- open conference for hacking and security research
Hackito Ergo Sum welcome you on April 24th until April 26th 2014 in a great and amazing location: La Villette, Paris. HES is an open conference for hacking and security research.

Speakers 2014

  • Edmond “bigezy” Rogers – An amazing keynote
  • Renaud Lifchitz – A common weakness in RSA signatures: extracting public keys from communications and embedded devices
  • Hendrik Schmidt & Brian Butterly – LTE vs. Darwin: The Evolution Strikes Back?
  • Milan Gabor & Danijel Grah – Vaccinating APK’s
  • Christian Sielaff & Daniel Hauenstein – OSMOSIS – Open Source Monitoring Security Issues
  • Andrei Dumitrescu – WMI Shell: A new way to get shells on remote Windows machines using only the WMI service
  • Eric Leblond – Suricata 2.0, Netfilter and the PRC
  • José Garduño – The government as your hacking partner: using public data to block passports, national ID cards, steal tax data, and other mischievous deeds.
  • joernchen of Phenoelit – Ruby on Rails exploitation and effective backdooring
  • Andreas Bogk – Applying science to eliminate 100% of buffer overflows
  • Graham Steel – Hardware Security Modules: attacks and secure configuration
  • Alexandre De Oliveira & Pierre-Olivier Vauboin – TBA
  • Laurent Ghigonis – Hacking Telco equipment: The HLR/HSS

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Hackito Ergo Sum 2014

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