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Hacker’s Dome – Gamification the Information Security


The Infosec team behind Capture The Flag platform CTF365 has created a place for hackers to play weekend CTFs with great prizes, called Hacker's Dome. In order to access the Hacker's Dome, you need is a registered and confirmed CTF365 account.
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At Hacker's Dome CTF Platform users can deploy their own CTFs and can invite web developers, system administrators and security professionals to take hard challenges. Think RackSpace, of CTF Competitions.

Hacker's Dome - First Blood: First Blood is the first CTF and will start on May 17 2014 15:00 UTC and winners will win more than $6000 in prizes.

If Information Security gamification got your attention, then all you have to do is to get your Hacker's Dome Access and prepare for First Blood CTF.

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1-Year Metasploit Pro for Everyone: All Hacker's Dome competition participants will get 'Full Year Metasploit Pro License'  as Raffle King Prize. "The fact that Metasploit gave us the opportunity to run a raffle off such great King Prize, makes us proud of what we've done and it encourages us to keep up our good work." team said.

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Give it a try! Registrations are open for Hacker's Dome and it could become your weekend IT Security trainer - where fun, entertainment and awesome prizes will be at its best. Stay secure while having fun.

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