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gophish — Open-Source Phishing Toolkit

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Gophish is an open-source phishing toolkit designed for businesses and penetration testers. It provides the ability to quickly and easily setup and execute hishing engagements and security awareness training.



Installing Gophish Using Pre-Built Binaries

Gophish is provided as a pre-built binary for most operating systems. With this being the case, installation is as simple as downloading the ZIP file containing the binary that is built for your OS and extracting the contents.

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Installing Gophish from Source

One of the major benefits of having written gophish in the Go programming language is that it is extremely simple to build from source. All you will need is the Go language and a C compiler (such as gcc).

To install gophish, simply run

go get

This downloads gophish into your $GOPATH.

Next, navigate to $GOPATH/src/ and run the command

go build

This builds a gophish binary in the current directory.

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Running Gophish

Now that you have gophish installed, you’re ready to run the software. To launch gophish, simply open a command shell and navigate to the directory the gophish binary is located. Then, execute the gophish binary. You will see some informational output showing both the admin and phishing web servers starting up, as well as the database being created. This output will tell you the port numbers you can use to connect to the web interfaces.

 cyberpunk:~/src/$ ./gophish
 worker.go:34: Background Worker Started Successfully - Waitingfor Campaigns
 models.go:64: Database not found... creating db at gophish.db
 gophish.go:49: Admin server started at
 gophish.go:51: Phishing server started at



Source && Download

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