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GoLismero v2.0 Beta 3 Released

GoLismero is an open source framework for security testing. It’s currently geared towards web security, but it can easily be expanded to other kinds of scans.

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Changelog v2.0 Beta 3

  • Integration with SSLScan, SQLMap, XSSer, Shodan and PunkSPIDER.
  • Completely rewritten HTML report.
  • New report formats: OpenOffice, LaTeX, JSON, BSON, XML, YAML, MsgPack.
  • Many improvements to the reports and the vulnerability descriptions.
  • Fixes and improvements to the OpenVAS plugin.
  • Added vulnerability standards:
  • Exploit-DB ID
  • Microsoft Bulletin ID
  • Microsoft Knowledge Base ID
  • Nessus Plugin ID
  • And bugfixes and usual ;)

The most interesting features of the framework are:

  • Real platform independence. Tested on Windows, Linux, *BSD and OS X.
  • No native library dependencies. All of the framework has been written in pure Python.
  • Good performance when compared with other frameworks written in Python and other scripting languages.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Plugin development is extremely simple.
  • The framework also collects and unifies the results of well known tools: sqlmap, xsser, openvas, dnsrecon, theharvester…
  • Integration with standards: CWE, CVE and OWASP.
  • Designed for cluster deployment in mind (not available yet).


 Download GoLismero v2.0 Beta 3

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