Featured Giles Technology Center students build eighth house for Habitat For Humanity

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Giles Technology Center students build eighth house for Habitat For Humanity


GILES COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Not many students get to say they’ve built a house by the time they’ve graduated high school.

“Going to classes in the morning over at the high school is great, but knowing that you get to come after lunch and build a house,” Giles Technology Center Graduate Aidan Miller said. “I mean, that’s awesome.”

He is one of the students who helped turn a blueprint into a house. It will soon be a three-bedroom and two-bathroom home for a family in Pulaski County.

“It’s a great way to give back to the community,” Miller said.

The house was built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of the New River Valley.

Habitat covers the material costs and the students hammer away throughout the school year.

“It provides affordable housing for for a new resident and so we’ve been very successful over the years of placing new families into these homes, and we’re looking forward to this move from from Giles, to Pulaski County,” Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of the NRV Jim Drader said.

The students, and Habitat, say this partnership benefits all parties involved.

“Especially if you want to go into trades like I am, it’s great to take this in high school to get a step ahead,” Giles Technical Center Graduate Connor Price said.

“To be able to expose kids to this type of work, which is definitely needed,” Drader said. “It’s a great thing.”

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