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Focus on The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) v5.2 “Urban Camping”


The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) version 5.2 codename “Urban Camping” has been released.

This version adds a complete rewrite of the PowerShell injection techniques within SET and
incorporates an automatic process downgrade attack detailed here:
The attack will automatically detect if PowerShell is installed, then detect what
platform its running on. If 64 bit is detected, it will automatically downgrade the process to a 32
bit process for native shellcode injection.

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Changelog :

* incorporated the new x86 PowerShell downgrade attack. This will automatically use x86
shellcode regardless of operating system. (
* changed platform detection from if($env:PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE -eq “AMD64?) to
[IntPtr]::Size -eq 6 (thanks Matthew Graeber)
* rewrote payload generator in powershell menu to use new process downgrade attack
* rewrote java applet to use the new process downgrade attack
* rewrote powershell generation within setcore to use the powershell downgrade attack
* changed the default Java Applet wording to “Applet verified as safe (TRUSTED)”.
* fixed a bug that would cause SQL bruter to error out when specifying a single host and the
host was not alive

more info and download :

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