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Empire – PowerShell Post-Exploitation Agent

Empire is a pure PowerShell post-exploitation agent built on cryptographically secure communications and a flexible architecture. Empire implements the ability to run PowerShell agents without needing powershell.exe, rapidly deployable post-exploitation modules ranging from key loggers to Mimikatz, and adaptable communications to evade network detection, all wrapped up in a usability-focused framework.

It has a LOT of modules (90+) and is currently in the midst of implementing a RESTful API which will be great.

Module Categories

Currently Empire has the following categories for modules:

  • Code Execution – Ways to run more code
  • Collection – Post exploitation data collection
  • Credentials – Collect and use creds
  • Exfiltration – Identify egress channels
  • Lateral Movement – Move around the network
  • Management – Host management and auxilary
  • Persistence – Survive reboots
  • Privesc – Privilege escalation capabilities
  • Recon – Test further entry points (HTTP Basic Auth etc)
  • Situational Awareness – Network awareness
  • Trollsploit – For the lulz

Why PowerShell?

PowerShell offers a multitude of offensive advantages, including:

  • Full .NET access
  • Application whitelisting
  • Direct access to the Win32 API
  • Ability to assemble malicious binaries in memor
  • Default installation on Windows 7+.

Offensive PowerShell had a watershed year in 2014, but despite the multitude of useful projects, many pen-testers still struggle to integrate PowerShell into their engagements in a secure manner.

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How it works

Empire has a few components which you can chain together, similar to something like Metasploits.

It has:

Listeners – Think of this like a metasploit handler, this will catch your session.
Stagers – This is your payload, this is what you will execute on your target system.
Agents – This is how you interact with the target system, you can gather stats & info or run shell commands.

It also had fairly robust logging built in.

You can download Empire here:

Or read more here.

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