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Emails Called Spy.MailGPS To Revile Your Location To Stalkers – Android App
Malwarebytes researchers claim that a malicious Android app, app name is not revile which gives your location to an anonymous operator through emails which is called Spy.MailGPS.

MailGPS app has been named to avoid detection. This is definitely a very clever move considering the fact that Google is now providing various tools to offer more control on Android devices to the company.
The email is activated by an SMS command that appears just like the Google’s and other companies’ tools to help locate the stolen or lost Android devices,says Malwarebytes researchers.

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After being installed, the app will send an email containing the Google Maps link. In the mail there will be the victim’s phone’s longitude and latitude. The mail will presumably be sent to the attacker.

It is also possible that MailGPS is a type of spyware as these apps are generally sold by shady developers and people who need to spy on their spouses buy it anyway.

Amazing and most useful apps have been released by Android but still on the other hand some malicious apps too which leads to malware and to revile your location to stalkers. So always be aware before you install an application in your smartphone.

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