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ELF Parser — Cross Platform ELF Analysis

Text to Speech

ELF Parser attempts to move ELF malware analysis forward by quickly providing basic information and static analysis of the binary. The end goal of ELF Parser is to indicate to the analyst if it thinks the binary is malicious / dangerous and if so why.


Load Any Executable ELF

ELF Parser supports 32-bit, 64-bit, little endian, and big endian binaries.


Automatically Uncover Functionality

ELF Parser categorizes the binary’s capabilities by recognizing known functions and signatures.

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View ELF Data Structures

ELF Parser displays various ELF structures such as the sections table, programs table, dynamic segment, and symbol tables.


Detect Known Malware

ELF Parser attempts to identify well known malware such as Kaiten, Elfknot, and BillGates.



How do I compile it?

ELF Parser can be compiled on Windows, OS X, or Linux (demangling and unit tests don’t work on Windows). Windows uses the VS 2010 project in the base directory for compilation whereas Linux/OS X uses CMake. Compiling on Linux goes like this:

cd ~/elfparser
mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ..

Obviously, you will need to resolve any dependencies. Specifically, Boost is required and Qt is required for the GUI build.

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Compile Targets

ELF Parser has a number of compilation targets that can be configured by CMakeLists.txt. The targets are:

  • Unit tests
  • CLI build
  • GUI build
  • Visual Studios build


CLI Usage

The user can pass in a single file (-f) or a directory (-d) of files:

./elfparser-cli --help
  --help                 A list of command line options
  --version              Display version information
  -f [ --file ] arg      The ELF file to examine
  -d [ --directory ] arg The directory to look through.
  -r [ --reasons ]       Print the scoring reasons
  -c [ --capabilities ]  Print the files observed capabilities
  -p [ --print ]         Print the ELF files various parsed structures.


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