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Published on February 12th, 2015 📆 | 7469 Views ⚑


DroidStealth — An Android App with stealth capability can help to store private stuff

Security researchers based in the Netherlands have developed an Android App which can store data and hide it by encrypting it thus making it impossible for non users to find it.  Called DroidStealth, the App can be boon to both the good civil society and the cyber criminals.

Technology can be a veto as in the case of development of a new Android App that is proving to be a blessing to the people in a tyrant nation with censorship problems as well as those who are against the law like the suppliers of drugs and the rebels. These people usually look for methods to escape security checks or investigation from the crime squad and government authorities.

DroidStealth helps to safely hide all the private data which user does not want to be seen by anyone, using the correct PIN access code. The data could be some secret data or sensitive data which is concealed using secret codes and can be even hidden from other applications within the Android phone. The data is further hidden in a very complicated manner so that is will be very difficult for  others to decode it. So this is actually a new method of saving data from other applications within the same phone.

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Furthermore, the application has an added benefit that not only can it easily secure the data; it can also be shared between two Android phones using  Bluetooth, WiFi, Android beam. Data is saved into secret code by using the Fast Cryptographic Operations for Android. Due to this complex method of securing the data it is very difficult for the any prying user to capture this data. The Android stealth application very smartly uses the dialer phone number for decoding the data when required and also cannot be seen in the dialed list as this number is directly used by the application to decode hence during general inspection of these rebels the Android Stealth helps them to easily escape the scrutiny.


The application is stored in itinerant (secretive) mode, it can be named in a friendly way due to which it is difficult to make out that is has the secret data stored. Also this application is not found under the normal downloaded app list. It is very user friendly and has many features also like sharing data from one phone to another; from one application to another within  same phone; it provides notification to the user if any of the secret files are left unlocked; it can be kept out of the running process list when not in use; it does not pop up in the recent visited list.

Certain drawbacks of this application would be: coding and decoding of the data is within the app, uninstalling of the app may lead to deletion of all the data, low memory of the phone might lead to force quitting of the application and this might lead to loss of the data. One main drawback is that the App will encrypt the data using Facebook’s Conceal API.

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One other major drawback is that if the application is under decode mode by the user and it gets in the hands of investigation then it would be difficult for them to secure the details from officials.

Truly an awesome technology if used in right way can be useful for humanity and if not then can cause disaster.  You can become a part of the DroidStealth community on by joining on their GitHub page here. Since the developers have not released the App on Google Play, you will have to make do with a untrusted APK version of the App. The APK is available as an unaligned version here while the nomadic versions are available throughout the internet.

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