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Determine Critical Data In Network Sharing – DepDep
Depdep is a merciless sentinel which will seek sensitive files containing critical info leaking through your network.

Basically, it is a fast and practical sensitive data search tool maintaining personal & commercial data privacy for companies and institutions. It can very well be used by auditors making sure that their network doesn’t leak any unauthorized non-compliant data through windows & unix/linux shares.

The usage is easy and configurable, however, certain technical knowledge is necessary, such as using linux console, ability of writing and understanding basic regular expressions, tough the configuration file comes with several sensitive information patterns, etc.

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In order to run depdep succesfully, you have to install some packages. Packages needed to run depdep succesfully are shown below;

  • nmap -> to scan network and detect opened 445/tcp ports
  • cifs-utils -> to mount windows shares from linux machine
  • mount -> to mount and umount operations
  • smbclient -> to list windows shares
  • samba4-clients -> other operations for listing and accessing windows shares from linux machine
  • findutils -> the find command utility
  • curl -> to upload files to tika and get results

Basic Usage

# python --config config/depdep.xml

Without “-w 1″ option, depdep will resume from its previous work. If you don’t want depdep to resume, but start fresh please start it like below;

# python --config config/depdep.xml -w 1

More Information: here

Download DepDep v1.0

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