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Published on May 21st, 2014 📆 | 4077 Views ⚑

0 (unmaskme) PoC Security Awareness Web

Text to Speech is a tool yet in it’s early PoC stage but fully functional. The goal of this tool is to raise security awareness among web owners in order to help decrease the constant rise of compromised websites. (unmaskme means desenmascarame in Spanish)


Compromised websites are often used by attackers to deliver badware or to host phising pages designed to steal private information from their victims. Unfortunately, most of the targeted websites are managed by users with little or no security background. will help the webmasters to highlight the importance of keep update, protect or do some hardening in their websites in order to avoid they become victims of badware.

Usually a no security aware webmaster will left a newly deployed website by default and normally will pass months or even years without any update on the website. As result cibercriminals will take advantage of this behaviour and the website will be part of the compromised website statistics. Web hosting providers -who play a key role in this scene- are not doing any effort to help with this problem.

[adsense size='1'] is a public resource which will extract metadata from any website (either domain name or IP address, no resource) and will explain it in a brief summary. The extraction will be totally passive just like browsing the website, otherwise the tool couldn’t be online for public use. It’s based mainly on HTTP headers and metadata. Some features of the tool are:

  • Easy to use, only enter a website address to see what’s behind the scenes
  • Available in English and Spanish (based on the browser language)
  • Testing for web application fingerprintging
  • Brief summary about the website configuration
  • Different report colours to highlight web security awareness
  • Some special websites will show a message showing whether if they are  official or  fake
  • Detection of CMSs and versions (whatweb core)
  • Warnings about old software being exploited in the wild like joomla-1.5, RoR CVE-2013-0156…
  • Detection of properties file leak in Ruby on Rails. Ref: Fugas de informacion en aplicaciones ruby on rails
  • Warnings about OpenSSL version afected by heartbleed.
  • Detection of hardening signs such as WAF, CDN, reverse proxy…
  • In case of CloudFlare protected websites, it will show the real server IP.
  • Detection of blacklisted websites by GoogleSafeBrowsing
  • Detection of suspicious iframes or hidden spam
  • Detection of misconfiguration on robots.txt files (i.e: exposing confidential information)
  • Detection of defacements, directory listings, private IP address in comments…
  • In the case of very known websites (Forbes, EA, .gov …) will inform about known security incidents which they were victim of.
  • Stats about general web security awareness and some details of compromised websites (i.e: Forbes compromised)

More Information: here

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