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Published on June 28th, 2013 📆 | 2974 Views ⚑


DAVOSET v.1.0.7 Released console tool for conducting DDoS attacks
DAVOSET - it is console (command line) tool for conducting DDoS attacks on the sites via
Abuse of Functionality vulnerabilities at other sites.

Changelog v.1.0.7

  1. Added new services to both lists of zombies.
  2. Removed non-working URLs of services from both lists.
  3. Made program to not close at connection errors.


  • 1. Start the program:
  • 2. Enter URL of the site to attack: Site: https://site
  • 3. Get the site attacked via your list of zombie-servers.
  • Or from command line:
  • perl u=https://site
  • perl u=https://site l=list.txt m=1 c=100

                                           Download DAVOSET v.1.0.7

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